Interview with Psychologist, Suzy Reading, on ‘How to become a success’.

How many of us wish that we could sail through success?

Best selling author Suzy Reading has some wise words for anyone seeking inspiration in her book The Self Care Revolution (2017).

Suzy (40) wrote the book which is full of tips to help you survive the stresses of modern-day life. It is an Amazon best seller for stress management and self-help.


Suzi Reading, image by Elizabeth Dalziel

The book was written with a desire to empower others with the tools of self care, following her father’s terminal illness colliding with becoming a mother.

Born in Sydney, now living in Hertfordshire, Suzy is a chartered psychologist; yoga teacher; contributing editor to the Psychologies magazine and author.

Throughout Suzy’s childhood, she had a very stable and supportive home life. Both parents possessed a hard-working attitude towards their careers, allowing her to develop a strong work ethic. Throughout her school life, she gathered a core group of friends; giving her a sense of belonging.

Committed to her education and her love for competitive skating which she started at the age of 12, it didn’t go without some struggles.

Suzy said: “I had the tendency to push myself too hard; I felt isolated from the amount of time I dedicated to skating instead of my social life; You also had to be careful with what you ate and look a certain way.”

Resorting to self-help as a teen during these periods, Suzy used ‘nature therapy’ to help appreciate the beauty around her, read ‘uplifting and focused texts’ that she enjoyed as well as listening to music.

Suzy loved writing and had a desire to ‘help people function better, achieve their goals, greater success and life satisfaction’, so decided to study psychology at university.

“My interest in mental health and wellbeing stemmed from my father’s influence of being a psychiatrist.”

After completing her masters in psychology, Suzy worked as a personal trainer, health coach and yoga teacher for seven years, before moving to be closer to parents and start a family.

Yoga is a great stress buster (picture of model).  ©TammieBeech

Suzy explained: “Every step of my career has been uncertain.

“I’ve been responding to life and the opportunities available to me. I’ve allowed my passion to nurture others and has taken many shapes – personal training, yoga, counselling, walks and talks, coaching, corporate speaking and writing books.

” I stay firm in my values and aware of my strengths; I listen to what people need and how I can make a unique contribution. There is always a way of being of service.”

She feels it is important as a young woman when figuring out your future to ‘identify your strengths and values’.

Suzy continued: “I believe everyone comes to this earth with something valuable; life experiences shape those offerings that life has to give and what you can give to the world.’”

In order to become a success, Suzy recommends to ‘develop a growth mindset, build curiosity, kindness, compassion, gratitude, mindfulness then work hard.

Cultivate an image of your best self and embark on action that takes you closer to being that version of you.

If there is one thing Suzy would like you to remember when seeking success – the mantra that ‘there is time’.

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